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import soccerdata as sd


elo = sd.ClubElo()
Provides pd.DataFrames from CSV API at

    Data will be downloaded as necessary and cached locally in

    Since the source does not provide league names, this class will not filter
    by league. League names will be inserted from the other sources where
    available. Leagues that are only covered by will have NaN

    proxy : 'tor' or or dict or list(dict) or callable, optional
        Use a proxy to hide your IP address. Valid options are:
            - "tor": Uses the Tor network. Tor should be running in
              the background on port 9050.
            - dict: A dictionary with the proxy to use. The dict should be
              a mapping of supported protocols to proxy addresses. For example::

                      'http': '',
                      'https': '',

            - list(dict): A list of proxies to choose from. A different proxy will
              be selected from this list after failed requests, allowing rotating
            - callable: A function that returns a valid proxy. This function will
              be called after failed requests, allowing rotating proxies.
    no_cache : bool
        If True, will not use cached data.
    no_store : bool
        If True, will not store downloaded data.
    data_dir : Path
        Path to directory where data will be cached.

ELO scores for all teams at specified date

current_elo = elo.read_by_date()
rank country level elo from to league
Liverpool 1.0 ENG 1 2047.083862 2022-04-20 2022-04-24 ENG-Premier League
Man City 2.0 ENG 1 2037.059937 2022-04-21 2022-04-23 ENG-Premier League
Bayern 3.0 GER 1 1984.775391 2022-04-18 2022-04-23 GER-Bundesliga
Real Madrid 4.0 ESP 1 1969.584351 2022-04-21 2022-04-26 ESP-La Liga
Chelsea 5.0 ENG 1 1921.101440 2022-04-21 2022-04-24 ENG-Premier League

Full ELO history for one club

barca_elo = elo.read_team_history("Barcelona")
rank team country level elo to
1939-10-22 NaN Barcelona ESP 1 1636.704590 1939-12-03
1939-12-04 NaN Barcelona ESP 1 1626.102173 1939-12-10
1939-12-11 NaN Barcelona ESP 1 1636.728271 1939-12-17
1939-12-18 NaN Barcelona ESP 1 1646.951660 1939-12-24
1939-12-25 NaN Barcelona ESP 1 1637.424316 1939-12-31