class soccerdata.SoFIFA(leagues=None, seasons=None, proxy=None, no_cache=False, no_store=False, data_dir=PosixPath('/home/docs/soccerdata/data/SoFIFA'))#

Provides pd.DataFrames from data at

Data will be downloaded as necessary and cached locally in ~/soccerdata/data/SoFIFA.

  • leagues (string or iterable, optional) – IDs of leagues to include.

  • seasons (string, int or list, optional) – Seasons to include. Supports multiple formats. Examples: ‘16-17’; 2016; ‘2016-17’; [14, 15, 16]

  • proxy ('tor' or dict or list(dict) or callable, optional) –

    Use a proxy to hide your IP address. Valid options are:
    • ”tor”: Uses the Tor network. Tor should be running in the background on port 9050.

    • dict: A dictionary with the proxy to use. The dict should be a mapping of supported protocols to proxy addresses. For example:

          'http': '',
          'https': '',
    • list(dict): A list of proxies to choose from. A different proxy will be selected from this list after failed requests, allowing rotating proxies.

    • callable: A function that returns a valid proxy. This function will be called after failed requests, allowing rotating proxies.

  • no_cache (bool) – If True, will not use cached data.

  • no_store (bool) – If True, will not store downloaded data.

  • data_dir (Path) – Path to directory where data will be cached.


Retrieve ratings from the datasource for the selected leagues.

Return type:


classmethod available_leagues()#

Return a list of league IDs available for this source.

Return type: