How to use a proxy server

You can setup a SOCKS5 proxy with Tor. Checkout the installation guide on the Tor website for installation instructions. After installing Tor, make sure to start it up before scraping. This can easily be done by running the tor command from your terminal (in a separate window), Tor will start up and run on “localhost:9050” by default. Once Tor is running, you can enable the extension by setting proxy='tor'.

ws = sd.WhoScored(proxy='tor')

The code snippet above assumes you have a Tor proxy running on “localhost:9050”. Many distributions indeed default to having a SOCKS proxy listening on port 9050, but some may not. In particular, the Tor Browser Bundle defaults to listening on port 9150. You can specify a custom host and port as

ws = sd.WhoScored(proxy={
     "http": "socks5://",
     "https": "socks5://",