Welcome to SoccerData’s docs!

Release v1.8.0. (pip install soccerdata)

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SoccerData is a collection of scrapers to gather soccer data from popular websites, including Club Elo, ESPN, FBref, FiveThirtyEight, Football-Data.co.uk, FotMob, Sofascore, SoFIFA, Understat and WhoScored.

import soccerdata as sd

# Create a scraper class instance for the 2018/19 Premier League
five38 = sd.FiveThirtyEight('ENG-Premier League', '1819')

# Fetch data
games = five38.read_games()
forecasts = five38.read_forecasts()
clinches = five38.read_clinches()

Main features

  • Access current and historical soccer fixtures, forecasts, detailed match stats, event stream data and more.

  • All data is provided in the form of Pandas DataFrames with sensible, matching column names and identifiers across datasets to make working with the data and combining data from multiple sources easy.

  • Data is only downloaded when needed and cached locally to speed up your analyis scripts.

  • Integrates with the socceraction package to allow analysis of event stream data.

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